Meet Jasmine

Hi, I’m Jasmine!

Born Ready!I’m 7 yrs old &I love reading, fashion, crafts, Barbies, and swimming.  (I love a bunch of other things too).  I sleep with my HUGE stuffed rabbit called Floppy.  He’s blue and cuddly and I’ve had him since I was born.

Maman & J-F gave me 2 little sisters – Annabelle & Chloe.  They play with my things but I love them anyways :).  Daddy & Mimi have an angel named Elly (I miss her lots but think of her everyday) and baby Ryleigh is going to be here before Christmas! I have 2 cats but no horses – our yard is too small.

I recently read my first chapter book and I’m going in the 2nd grade!

Je vais à l’école française et j’aime beaucoup la lecture.

On this blog I write about my adventures and review cool toys and stuff for kids.  I may also do some videos now and then.

If you want to work with me, send an email to my mom at angele@shoeboxbegone.com and she’ll set everything up for you!

Thanks for visiting!